5 Best Songs for Instagram Reels to go viral!

 Do you also not get views on Instagram or do you keep coming on 1000 views?
So make reel on these 5 songs 

  1. top 5 trending songs for instagram reel
  1. Im an Addict   
  2.  Ain't Your Mama
  3.  hola como tale tale vu - 1, 2, 3
  4.   paro 
  5.  dandelions

music links below 

1 - Im an Addict  

Hi Im Bloody Jay Im an Addict song 
This song is going viral very fast, so far 1M+ reels have been made on the ship. Also in tiktok 5M+ video made so ish song ko aap jarur try kare iske page ka link apko niche mile jaye ga

Page link - 🆑ICK HERE

2 - Ain't Your Mama

  Viral lines - "No more playing video games (ah-yeah-yeah-yeah) Things are about to change ('round here, 'round here) We used to be crazy in love"
Another song viral very fast so far 2m + reels on main page also viral in tiktok and youTube 

Page link - 🆑ick here

3 - hola como tale tale vu - 1, 2, 3

viral lines - Hola, comment allez, allez-vous?
So nice to meet ya
a spanish song 10+ m views on reels must try this song 

 Try this song - 🆑ICK HE

4 - paro 

Viral lines - Allô? Allô? Allô? قلبي، قلبي، j'deviens paro, paro, paro
Another Spanish song but again trending now on Instagram, YouTube and tiktok toh ishpe bhi jarur reel banye Or apni videos ko viral kare 

Music link - 🆑ICK HERE

5 - dandelions

This is most viral music 50m+ videos have been made so far but more video made like aesthetic reels but again you try this song so your reel go viral

Link - 🆑ICK HERE

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