How to viral reel on Instagram 2022

 How to viral reel on Instagram

Do you also fall for Instagram reels? And you want your Instagram reel to be viral, so today I will tell you how to make your reels viral.

Since My First Reel Got Over 10 Million Views You Asked Me How I Made It Some steps have to be followed.

In this post, you will know some ways by which you too were able to get millions of views on your reels. I show you a proof that By which you understood that it is very easy but then if you follow this step by step then you got good results

Follow these points to make your reels viral

Follow the steps given below, which will help you in making your reels video viral. 

focus on one language

It is very important that you should not do it in two languages ​​on your page, I have seen many times people start doing both Hindi and English music on their page. You don't have to do this then why should there be only trending music if you put your reels in Hindi then upload the saree reels in Hindi. At least more than 20 videos should be on your page then your views started coming.

maintain continuity

Whenever you think that you have to work on a topic, then just do it every day so that you can have a schedule, your followers know what are Time will upload the video Sometimes you may not be able to create content but you don't have much tar, you don't have ashes, there's no consistency left. 

Publish Your Reel at Peak Viewing Times

This is also a very important point that you upload your reel at cash time. Because a lot of time reels don't go viral just because your followers are not active You see the issue in this way, if you create your reel English content, then there is a chance that you will get views for uploading videos in the evening. And if there is Hindi content, then definitely upload the assembly, I also have English content, whenever I upload after 5:00 pm, then more views come.

Use Hashtags to Promote Your Content

Hashtags are also part of making reel viral because when you are new or you do not have followers then your views can come from hashtags only. That's why it is important to select good hashtags, you can take hashtags from a lot of awareness, like from someone's reel video that has gone viral. Or you can choose from there a lot or you can also do it randomly, remember, choose the topic which is yours related topics , it is important.

Use trening music or topic 

You must put trending audio in your reel video, it boosts your video, you can also take trending music from a lot of places. I have made a video on this topic, must watch it, you will get the link on youtube

Share your reel 

Last But Not Least This point is equally important to share your reels because If it is found in the beginning, then Instagram sends the reel further, due to which the video has a chance of going viral.


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